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fight club, the bourne trilogy, and bassmaster
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I enjoy working on cars for fun, going to watch races at COTA, volunteer at events at COTA, and used to be into drifting but became too expensive. I had an S14 Zenki that I basically rebuilt from the ground up from new bushings and suspension to swapping in an SR20DET and building the wiring harness myself. I also love to go fishing when I have time and take the kayaks out when I can make it to my dad's to get the truck. I am currently in the process of building my Lexus into a VIP-style car (something I've always wanted to do, since I have already built a race car), but I want to get back into a fun, fast car for tracking. I'm born and raised in Austin, Texas

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  • 2020 Peru CAM Challenge Fast Notes

    2020 Peru CAM Challenge Fast Notes

    This past weekend, 126 competitors converged on the Grissom Aeroplex in Peru, IN. for the annual Tire Rack SCCA CAM Challenge East. While the focus of the event was on the 94 CAM drivers in the three classes: Traditional,...Read more
  • Fastrack: What is it?

    Fastrack: What is it?

    “Look for it in Fastrack.”“It was posted in Fastrack.”“You better check out the new Fastrack.” Those are common statements in SCCA. There’s also one more that some may think, but might not have the guts to ask.  “What the...Read more
  • August: Valvoline Month at Track Night

    August: Valvoline Month at Track Night

    Motor oil.  It's something we don't think much about, but it always comes back. Going on track? Check the oil. Just thrashed the engine for a weekend on track? Better change the oil.  And through the years, both in our...Read more